sábado, 20 de agosto de 2011


Ive never been to Tokyo , but l feel l ve been in Tokyo , that strange feeling entering a city from the narrative point of view is mind blowing . l guess it s a city where all the lonely inhabitants of the world and building more depressing , that all goes with your eyes tired from spending hours at the computer . Whether its people only drink mineral water and spend most of their time lockend in hotels , and having sex with strangers , before going to a virtual conference . A virtual world where the play of emotions do no enter . The heart stopped later with the last cries before entering the shower and are rather imaginary friends . l look caminantod the streets of Tokyo with the sad face and the plane ticket to my hometown . l see armies of ants in the tables and millions of notebook at the corners . l surf the internet in search of a good friend and l face with closed eyes , because Tokyo entered muy soul like a knife cold at night .